And...that "The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story.”

-Anthony De Mello

In this first book of Lituramus Maximus Trilogy, Merlin crossed the time portal, hoping to raise up a young wizard so that he will be able to battle an upcoming evil warlock. 

Emily experienced premonitory dreams about untimely deaths of people in the city of Griffin. All the violent ends seemed to be link to her father’s employer, Arunthdati.  By making bold accusations, pinning the bizarre deaths to Arunthdati, Emily set herself deeper and deeper into the grip of the evil entity which she encountered in her dreams, and at the same time, alienated herself from the father she loved dearly.

Will she ever succeed in warding off an apocalyptic event as portended by the recurring dreams she had?

Sail Away With Me ... In my Story World!