Found this acronymn, WIBBOW, interesting.  The acronymn pops up in my mind now and then when I am doing some other things that are related to my work; related, but not exactly to what I should do, like sitting and faithfully striking away on my keyboard for my writing endeavor.

For the past two weeks, my fingers, eyes, and mind were all glued to my WordPress screen, testing new widgets, trying out different WP Themes and battling with conflicts of another kind, namely plugins that decidedly changed the behavior of other plugins. I would term them as  xeno-plugins-phobes.  Ha ha!    That two weeks had been a huge learning curve for me; big in a sense that the website building skills were daunting and I am not sure if I master any skill in the quest.  A lot of monkey business went on for that few days. No, I am not referring to something illegitimate.  The monkey business I was referring to was, that  I did a lot of MSMD (Monkey See Monkey Do) while building my little website. I have to blame youtube for turning me into that MSMD-Zombie!

In a way, I am just sharing with any aspiring writers, that if you are on a tight budget and have been told that at a minimum, you need your own website to offer a route for discoverability for your published works; MSMD website building is a way to go. You can use my website,  as a yardstick to see if the effort is worth it or doable and then quickly get it up and running. After all, we writers need to get on with our business of conjuring up more compelling conflicts for our beloved readers, is it not? WIBBOW is the word!!

Well, Happppy Writing!