SPIL – The Home Brew Jukebox In Our Cranial Backyard


Yeah.. What would we do without creativity and arts, in our lives, to make our world a more bearable place to live in. Can you even imagine that? Imagine our universe without Chubby Checker with his “The Twist“, Adele with her “Hello“. That mellifluous, haunting voice seems to be trapped in our head and sometimes miraculously played in the mind of our family members in a synchronous timing, as though telepathy was at play.

I would term it as Song Playing In Loop –  SPIL.  The tune that goes on and on in your mind and sometimes we don’t even have control over that SPIL. I even had songs which I hated but somehow could not shake it off after it found its way into my SPIL jukebox.

There are times when the jukebox just would not go away, finding its way, surreptitiously into my Novel. 🙂  Blame it on the SPIL oh yeah!

p.s.: Trending lately in my SPIL tract is despacito. Well, I have my son to blame  because he kept playing it ad nauseum.  One which I thought that is cool is a Malay language version of it, though the lyric I have to warn is not a literal translation of the original version. . 🙂 Here is the link to it – Despacito in Malay