IMLI – I’M Loving It

Just a short note to the newbie Authors like myself. Just be careful as you amble into the realm of book writing and publishing!!! There are a thousand and one peripheral or so-called adjunct services that try to entice you into buying their services and in the process fattening their pockets and impoverishing you. As the saying goes, the road to publishing is paved with billions of dollars money making services and sadly enough, not for us poor newbies — we will be considered lucky, if we made it to the finish line and started to sell our books.

Having said that, I am really thankful that along the journey, you will still find kind souls or Samaritans that have the noblest of heart to make our journey a pleasant one. For one, you would not be wrong to jump into, is Books2Read. I have just joined them a couple of days ago and I’M Loving It (IMLI). You just pop in your book link from any one of the book store where your book/title is sold (and I am talking about ebook here), and Books2Read will help to consolidate and gather all links to all the different stores where your books were sold and put them into one Universal link.  That is what I would term service magic, a nifty trick, and extremely useful one when your book discoverability is concerned. And.. I forget to mention earlier, that it is free – FOC.  You can read more about it at Books2Read – ‘Find the Best Indie Books at’

I have quickly incorporated the universal link into my landing page for my books as can be seen in the example below.

BTW, if you like, you might want to have a look at Drafts2Digital. They provide excellent service of formatting your books to professional looking ebook as well as pdf form where you could easily submit for print version with Kindle Direct Publishing. If you ever thought of signing up with, kindly consider signing up with them through the following link, in support of me and my website. Thank you.



Kindly go to setting page and check the option "Place them manually"