Two Rungs Ahead

I am starting a new category — ‘2 Rungs Ahead

As a new writer, I find it tough wading through the sea of a thousand and one skills in the apprenticing of my story craftmanship. I am just hoping that I am able to help with whatever way I could for others, newbies like me of course, in the authoring community. I know, I know, my effort would probably be a drop in the bucket but as the saying goes, a bucket of water starts with a single drop.

I will post what that had helped me in my story writing journey. Though, I do have to say that I feel vulnerable exposing my inadequacy, especially my command of the English language, publicly. I am trying to address that part, a sore-thumb kind of inadequacy among many, as a work in progress as I continue to chug away with my writing projects. I remind myself that my situation is similar to a person having a beautiful song in his mind and it takes time to perfect the skill in using the musical instrument, be it a piano, a violin or the guitar, to bring out the lovely music that is trapped in his head.

Well, at the very least, someone who finds himself/herself in a similar pickle as I, would not be discouraged to tell their story, albeit their language skills needing a fair amount of polishing.

I am just a rung or two ahead of a new writer but that does not mean that I should shy away from sharing my experience and helping others along their journey.

Well, Happy Writing! Do tune in often, or better still, do sign up my mailing list, so that I could notify you when I have a new posting on my blog.

Lucas M.