DRITW — Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel


One great strategy we could adapt toward becoming a successful Professional Writer is through the art of imitation. In other words – Don’t Re-Invent The Wheels, where ever possible.

“DRITW”, is what we often hear when we try to work something out. That is a great advice.

As humans, we are born natural imitators.

As humans, we are born natural imitators. Right from birth, we mimic our parents to take on the language of our family, enabling us, the shortest path to efficiently pick up a language, for us to communicate effectively and successfully with each other.

From time immemorial, that is how progress is made for humanity, building on the previous experience of those who had gone before them and constantly improving on the best practices set in place.

Many successful people in their profession got to where they had envisioned themselves to be, through following a proven process toward their goals, mimicking the paths which their mentors or someone they esteemed, took, to a successful professional career. For writers, we too should not shy away from using our naturally innate child-like approach to learning, which is to model roadmap based on the ones traveled by the famous writers.

Model your day to day plans after someone who has gone before you and has already made it in that particular field professionally and successfully. So when we tell ourselves that we are a professional writer, albeit a newbie, we should not be afraid to look for a mentor, of whom we can model our aspirations, plans, and habits after them.

Webinars, seminars and writers conferences are good places to start. Sometimes along the way, in order for us to acquire new skills, we need to spend a little but remember always to do it within your means. In my older article, the “Writers Beware!” post, I mentioned that there are many who are prowling along the path where we journey toward publishing of our works, pouncing on gullible writers, selling them expensive products that not only distract them from their quest but burn a big hole in the poor writers’ pocket. But that does not mean we should be cowed from paying when there is genuine value for money excellent courses, products or conferences. Most of the time, we could learn from many others without having to pay, except availing our time to go through the free presentations that are free on the internet. A lot of quality resources which are available for us to imitate if we search and curate them out from the world wide web.

If you have been told by your esteemed authors to get a platform, go do it. Even for platforms, websites, social media networking, we could imitate a thing or two from them who have successfully used these platforms to their advantage. The whole idea is to mix and match and pick the best without re-inventing the wheel as you do.

One particular great resource came to mind is CreativePenn by Joanna Penn. If you have not heard about her, go and google for Joanna Penn. She has a good number of interview videos she did with famous and successful writers. You will be able to pick many of writers’ brain by just listening to her podcast or youtube channels.

Now go and find your model or mentor and start modeling after that esteemed successful professional writer that you admire.



Lucas M.