JEDI – An Effective Mind Trick To Your Actionable Thoughts.

JEDI - The mind tripping trick to your actionable thoughts.

Yup, I am not kidding, that is your lightsaber and you need to master the skill of the JEDI to beat the fear and hesitant self, out, to a better you.  

Have you ever felt that you have a fantastic idea that swirls the twirls in your mind but the very moment when you wanted to share your thoughts with someone else, that inner critic of yours surfaced and tell you to stop and think about it before you spill the beans about the grand idea which you have. You, without fail, hesitated. You feel that you are not good or intelligent enough, or worst still, afraid that you will be making a big fool of yourself; only to find out later that someone beat you to it in making use of that same idea, though in another form notwithstanding,  turning it into a brilliant and illuminating life-changing idea. You blew your chance because you chose to listen to that inner critic of yours or have been overpowered by your hesitant self.

Well, I got a great news for you. I’ve found a lightsaber which you can use to banish the self-critic right at the very moment when your critical Alta-ego choose to manifest itself.

Curious? Bet you are! That simple mind trick is known as JEDI — “JUST! Do it.” You are the JEDI master that is in charge of your own destiny and don’t let anyone, even your critical self, stop you from sharing your idea, or exploring your unique thoughts, or your solution to a problem which you are trying to solve. 

The whole idea is very simple. Whether you are in a meeting, a discussion, or already in the process of setting to do something you have been planning to work on, and then you hesitated, weighing on whether you should go ahead with the sharing of the idea that popped up in your mind, debating on and on about the ramifications, especially pertaining to how silly you might look, you bring to mind the word JEDI, and apply it. Recite J-U-S-T and slap a bang,  the exclamation “!”, after the word JUST, in your mind, followed by recitation of another two words – Do it.

I believe this is what happens when you apply the JEDI technique. When you spell out the word “JUST” followed by the exclamation mark, you gently knock on your mind telling it to shake off the inner critic in you so that you can act on your thoughts, no matter how crazy it might seem, to even yourself. Once you shook off the negative thoughts and restraining fear, you recite the phrase “Do It” so that you give yourself the confidence to execute your thoughts. So there, you have it, a simple two-parts psychological technique to knock out the negative hesitant and critical you in order for you to successfully execute your idea.

Try it, you might find this simple mind trick empowering and useful in many situations. Whether you are a writer, a professional salesperson or an engineer or a spouse or a guardian, the JEDI mind trick works.  

When you think of the word JUST with an exclamation bang (if you have not figured it out already, that is where the “E” in the JEDI comes from), you short-circuited that hesitant mindset of yours, stopping it from interfering with the “Do it” actionable thoughts. 

Many, I believe lived in fear thinking that we are not good enough for something that we want. Many things that we wanted to do but did not come to pass, because of the many years of mind programming in us to think negatively about our abilities.  From the simplest to the deep-seated thoughts, we need to be able to express them because they are the idea from our intuitive subconscious which often provides a novel solution to the challenges which we are facing.

Let me share with you my self-defeating, self-sabotaging beliefs I have about myself that had kept me away from even trying for what I have wanted to do in life, that is to be a professional writer.  I took too long a time to work up the courage to do it. Why? Well, it is because there are so many thoughts coming from my inner critics that stop me right in my track from doing it. That inner critic came under the guise of protecting me from failure and making a big fool of myself. “Oh, you sure? You cannot even string a sentence without making a fatal grammatical error, and even your son corrects your English;” or “Have you known yourself to be anything but creative?”  The list goes on and on, putting all the necessary obstacles in my path, making me hesitate before I dare to do anything.  Since I discover the mental trick I was able to “Do It” using the word “JUST!” to clear the obstacle away effectively, paving the path for the actionable words – Do IT.

With JEDI, I told myself to plow ahead and DO IT. Do what is necessary and work toward my goal to my professional life as a writer. I am of course still aware that I have many things to improve upon but that should not stop me or frighten me into a corner cowering, over my incompetency especially in my poor command of the English Language.  That is the power of JEDI, the technique which I use on myself and now I have one self-published book and two in the pipeline in just a matter of 20 months ago. Not fast by any standard, but I got it out.

Let me share another anecdote of how I used JEDI to apply to my life. 

I have never been able to express myself very well, even in my younger days as a student.  I never dared to ask the teacher questions because I was worried that I will look really stupid with my dumb questions and also because everyone seems to know and not ask any question, bucking not buck the trend by keeping really still and quiet. Of course, I now know what a stupid herd mentality I was in at that time. That hesitant self or afraid to express myself lived with me for the longest of time, even until after I have been married for a good 15 years. The other day, I pluck up my courage and apply JEDI when I send a message to my spouse as shown below:-

There you go, I just share with you on how I apply JEDI  in my personal life.

Hopefully, you too might find the simple mind trick applicable in your life.

Share with your friends if you find the JEDI mental trick useful. 

Wishing you well with your JEDI mastery and happy “JUST! Do It.”

Lucas M.

ps: I will share with you another mental trick which I use to get me going with my writing. The acronym is IMAGE.