I’M Always Good Enough – IMAGE

The Chinese have a very positive and forward-looking mindset that is built into their culture. One of the most perennial and evergreen principles that have been inculcated into their society is the “Don’t jinx the situation by saying anything negative and they are told not even to think it.

Our mind is like an action magnate. What we conceived in the mind will naturally be translated into our action making them a reality. Every fiber of our being or existence will work toward the fruition of our thoughts. That is how powerful our mind is.  With what has been described above, Cogito Ergo Sum, takes on a new meaning, well at least for me, it does.

I think, therefore I am.  That line of thought is not difficult to illuminate. If you think that you are good enough for what you aspire to be, you will eventually arrive at that place. If you walked into a time-machine-observation-chamber and visit all the giants of humanity such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Picasso, Steve Job and many more, you will find one common thread about them; That thread is the vision in their minds of what they want to do with their lives and they attained it by keeping their visions alive in their hearts and minds. They dare to think and therefore they are. 

The pre-cursor to their vision is their ability to believe in themselves and that is where IMAGE comes in. In their subconscious, it is the belief that “I’M Always Good Enough”, providing them the key to unlock their true potential making a difference in their lives and the lives of many.

IMAGE is the healthy mindset that we need to inculcate into our lives, a mantra worth repeating, telling ourselves that whatever we want, intuitively, to achieve, we are always good enough.

Whether you want to be an astronaut, an artist, a professional writer, a great surgeon, a scientist, remember always that you are good enough in the first place to work toward your ambition. Keep that IMAGE of yours healthy and believe in yourself and you are well half way there in your journey towards the vision of you. 

I will touch on these two great mental techniques, JEDI IMAGE, which anyone could use to work toward the vision of their lives.